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  … a drop out, we know, he made that very clear numerous times. He took calligraphy classes, had a fascination with his hands, tried LSD, smoked weed and apparently was also a self-righteous narcissist. When your public profile grows, so do the rumours, the controversies, the law suits and the emphasis on the most mundane details about your life; that’s the rule, yep standard stuff.

But then I found a website on the “top 10 ugliest flaws of Steve Jobs” and it never ceases to amaze me as to the lengths people will go to try to validate themselves and justify their (more often than not) biased, misconstrued and juvenile opinions which are drawn entirely from their own personal perspectives. And the thing is these websites WILL have followers…

So according to this person’s ‘valuable’ opinion, Steve Jobs’ ‘ugly’ side consisted of an egocentric, perfectionist dictator (durr- CEO of a leading company) who was always right, (well, right about a lot of things) overconfident, (where’s the line for appropriate confidence levels?) secretive and reserved (oh no) had an over-argumentative character, (CEO remember) and unbelievably here it is: a “short-tempered-old-boy”.

Not to mention the fact that people can brutally tear into anyone they’re intimidated by or jealous of EVEN when they’re dying of cancer, and ruthlessly continue to do so even after they have indeed, died from cancer… nice one. Also makes you wonder if these people own a Mac, or an iPhone, or an iPod…?

The idea of personality defects in this context is irrelevant. And I know that people take this stuff light-heartedly but the issue is that people do believe it then pass it on. This leads to the same effect that occurs with the transfer of all knowledge and information, whether it’s accurate or not; ultimately leading to the porridge of mixed views, perceptions and beliefs that exist in our societies today.

Personality is best described as being like an onion; when you peel away the layers in search for a core, you will find nothing. We ARE the layers and are absolutely no more than the sum of a diverse array of components and parts which combine into what we call ‘ME’. Our so-called faults, qualities, strengths and weaknesses are only labels given to us by others, meaning that we are either as desirable or undesirable depending on the ones we choose to have around us.

So even if he was a cocky, quiet, tight-ass who I really doubt would believe he was ‘always right’, he did what he did and he did it well, regardless of what people thought or told him was right or better. Every part of his personality was what enabled him to create and dominate. So really the only thing that matters here is that Steve was the man who not only revolutionised computer technology globally, but did so by interlacing his products (let’s say the iPhone for example) delicately and artistically into our life style – ultimately creating not something we want, but something that we truly believe we need.


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