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Ever imagine your parents at a drum n bass rave surrounded by ‘bass faces’ and with an Evian in hand? Could they have ever imagined that their kids would exist in a world of psychedelic trance, house and electronic remixes? How much more can music possibly change?

Music is evolving. Our electronic and bass preferences (whether relaxing or energetic) have now become to be quite standard. We seem to be preferring music which can offer more of a variety of sounds. Whether it be as mellow as electro- indie pop, or as diverse and energetic as dubstep.

The collaboration of heavy bass lines, reverent drum patterns and clipped components of electro- beats and vocals of dubstep for example, are so alien to the musical scene our parents grew up in.  Our experiments with rhythm and beat have also required us to experiment with our bodies. The end result is an entrancing display of physical bodily domination, as the dancers move harmonically and eerily in sync with the music.

Some hypnotic performances which play with sounds, challenge the dancers and tease the audience into submission…