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TURN ON THE NEWS, listen to the radio, pick up the paper and you’ll ALWAYS be hit with the same old mind numbing SHITE.

First there are the accidents, the criminals, the law suits, the natural disasters, the celebrities and then the sport and weather just to boost your mood. Now you’ve got your daily dose of negativity to put your life nicely into perspective, our ‘leaders’ can continue to pretend to deal with the real issues that our very near future is facing.

GLOBAL WARMING, renewable energy and population growth are issues that still seem to be treated as something more of an urban myth than reality. Not to mention that they would definitely be subjects that would put most of us to sleep. Yet, they’re possibly hitting target with being the most controversially heated and somehow downplayed issues that are literally hitting humanity in the face.

Let’s face it, if you watch or read a small summary on these topics you’ll see that we’re spiralling out of control with the serious repercussions due to take place in our life time – it doesn’t take a scientist or a priest to see that, and yet each day goes on just like the last, with no drastic changes seen to be taking place on the horizon.

The issue is that the real, rapid, renewable solutions to global warming and population growth call for radical modifications that conflict directly with our economic systems and the way we go about our lives.

So in order for change, we have to change ourselves and ultimately our perception on humanity as a whole. And more often than not, it is our personal morals and values that confine us to see what happens only in the comfort of our own little ‘bubbles’. If everybody had the abiltity to just drop all the things that they wholeheartedly believe in and really take in what we can know from what we have been intelligent enough to discover; we would not only be unified, but we would overcome so much of the conflict that fundamentally guides our existence today.


We’re becoming more aware of it which is a start, but we’re also all quite content with our mediocre, egotistical lives as well. So if only the educated are aware of this on a global scale, and if only a fraction of them are interested in doing something about it, how many will actually be in the position to try and actually succeed?

The answer I believe is in a neutral, global alliance…. that seems to be the only option that we have in making any real positive changes in humanity. But what are the odds of a worldwide revolt taking place to make this happen? God knows, so if you’re religious pray for us, but as for me, I’d rather ‘put my money’ on the diverse variety of people that have actually found answers for and served the human race not those of which have aspired to control and inhibit it…