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Dear Britain,

Just a man walking to the shop. Got a hoodie on, you wouldn’t call me prim or prop. There’s another camera, up there on top, yeah it’s a little crazy how they’re always keeping watch.  Could’ve been a writer; nar, I chose to stay down with the same lads that I’d known since dawn, we always die in the class we were born. Big mistake, I try to run, but it still aint hard to buy a gun.  You got the money and I got the time, but I can do more than just building rhymes. Wonder why I’m rollin right? Late at night, seein the proof that the drugs don’t work on these warped up youths.  Words of a broken man, workin a hopeless plan, keep hopin it’ll work. Searching for value, it’s the happiness that hurts. We all say we had it the worst.  Go by watching as they rot coz they’re no big shot. God save the Queen, yeah I cherish every pound I got. Who runs this country, Cameron or Murdoch? Your Majesty give me heaven coz I’m afraid of the dark. Money can relieve the pain but you see it never does. Where bankers are earnin for burnin and lootin, endless delusion, corruption and confusion. The nervous are shooting. We’re better off giving in then trying to fight the system, that’s why your kids are loose, that’s why your children are missin, but the biggest looters are the British Museum. They keep watching us with eyes wide closed, punishing us for things that they can never possibly know. They don’t listen, no why would they care, they don’t live this, their lungs will never breathe from this real world air. Continue to stare, keep pretending like you care, but I’m not a fool, not a bit, not at all, not a kid, not a bit and at school, yeah I wasn’t shit. Burn your books, you can’t teach me this fate. No they’d never survive here, where nothing comes on dinner plates. I wouldn’t say it’s not a game where people idolize the fame. No I’m not trying real hard. For a yard, or for someone to max out my credit card. Keep telling us that happiness is free, for everyone but the likes of me. Yeah go make more things for the shelves, coz this stuff right here… we make for ourselves.

*inspired by British hip-hop and the real world – brought to you by a nobody.