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The Olympics are an extremely complicated event to organise, costing unruly amounts of money and time; yet its prestige and global influence is undeniably a force that even already prosperous cities succumb to. The socio-economical trend of the former hosts of the Olympics in the last three decades indicates that there are generally two categories in which they fall. The first being countries which feel as though they have something to prove to the world; normally once developing countries where they have undergone economical growth and then seek to showcase their achievements by hosting a huge global event. The second are the rich and developed countries which appear to be doing so for nothing more than a very expensive global marketing campaign for their city, attracting more tourists in the future.

London quite readily falls into the second category and it seems that they’re not fooling anyone. The city is one of the undisputed centres of the world already, (in its own right) and attracts billions of tourists every year. It’s got stadiums, airports, highways and hotels – everything it needs is already there. It doesn’t need any advertising or marketing campaigns asking people to visit, it doesn’t need to show to the world that it is capable of hosting the Olympics and we all know it.

Rail is the lifeblood for England’s residents where 20 million passengers use London’s transport system every day. It is expected that approximately 80% of spectators attending events will be travelling by rail, placing extra demand on an already pressured rail network. And WIFI in the tube only for the holidays? Where is all this money going?! What better things could all this be spent on instead of making more money from tourism!

It could be better spent on more housing for young professionals. The Olympics are not going to help the residents at all. The tube is my main concern as everyone else’s, I feel like it’s all fake, it’s all for tourism. They could focus on how to curb the ever increasing rent prices and cost of living for the residents (which is unbelievably high). I truly don’t think dozens of new unimaginably expensive to build stadiums in the middle of the east-end is a current priority for this city…

Despite the undying, positive global buzz that the Olympic Games seem to radiate time and time again; the overall effect of the event on your average Londoners’ lives remains very uncertain and perhaps far less positive than the organisers had ever hoped for… in saying that, do you think they really care? Laughable…