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So who are your trusted authorities? How much do you trust their philosophies? How much do you doubt your own? How many ideas actually stem from your own factual research and conclusions? Even if you think it’s obvious not to put your faith in politicians, presenters and the like, you still feel as though they wouldn’t want to purposely mislead you, well maybe not politicians. But we’re still inclined to trust them, as they have the tools to deliver the info and we’ve got the laziness to accept it.  Yet people in positions of power are still just people, like you, with the same biases, demons and fallibilities as the rest of us.

Did you ever think about when newscasters and politicians sometimes raise sheets of paper when they speak? Well… that can be seen as the distraction no? All the while information is delivered verbally with hypnotic rhythm, punctuated by changes in pacing, volume and tone. A hypnotist speaks with the same confidence and authority, so whether they are looking directly into the camera at the audience or into the eye of their subject, it works the same way. The capacity to lie with a picture and be undetected is more powerful than ever with modern technology. Is it possible that all verbal and non-verbal communication has been defined and reduced to a code that can be manipulated? Is it really possible to program the masses into a population that is highly suggestible and can be controlled with precision?

Think about how we are educated. Schools are institutions that demand respect, trust and confidence. Remember when you were a child reading a book. The printed words were the distraction while you focused on the content. You didn’t have a reason to believe that the information being programmed to your elementary truths may be false, so you accepted it as true even if you didn’t understand it. Then, study it and repeat. How much are you certain of is actually true? Like George Orwell said “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” With our past and presents being heavily influenced by different factors, our futures are far more predictable than we’d ever like to admit. The pressure to accept what is shown to you as true determines your grades, and your future. The greater your compliance, the better chance you have for a comfortably independent life. Educating the young is more of a mental conditioning, whether the intention is pure or not. We all know we need an education for the world we live in, and all humans have the innate desire to know, so are they really teaching the right things? Why is philosophy and innovative free-thinking topics not taught from a young age and thought restricting subjects like religion still are? Where the cold hard truth can be embellished with seductive promises of compensation in an imaginary world beyond the grave. Is education really used to condition our minds for what comes later? Could they really be eliminating the difference between propaganda and education by doing so? Could we really be subject to wave upon wave of information disguised as facts into knowledge and dispensed with ulterior motives? Has education become more political and social rather than academic? Nooo… could George Orwell be more right than we would ever want to imagine?


Power has always been to the music too and Plato had even said that music had an order: “first, music moves the emotions: second, it gives pleasure: third, it disposes toward moral goodness; and fourth, it disposes toward learning. Repetition of sounds distracts the mind and even more so when lyrics are not distinguishable. When you don’t understand what is being said, you cannot consciously choose to accept or reject it leaving you open for mental programming. Sound affects our blood pressure, body chemistry, breathing and digestion. Fast music speeds up the nervous system, while slow music slows it down. Low tones vibrate in lower parts of body and high tones in the upper body and head. Sounds that cannot be heard still affect us. Much of today’s music is built around low and heavy bass patterns which are often louder than the melody. These loud, low-frequency vibrations and the driving beat affect the pituitary gland which produces hormones that control male and female sexual responses. Music is then made to feeeel good. The rest is left up to what kind of message wants to be delivered. No wonder why thousands of Britons listed their religion as heavy metal last year and have you heard those lyrics? I’d rather be brainwashed by The Beatles… cheers fella’s.

 We are susceptible to mental programming whether we want to be or not. When you think you want something back from society, could it be that they have told you that you want it? Take crime for example. They can create the problem (let’s say, an increase in crime) then make it appear that violence is an acceptable way of problem solving by the way it’s portrayed.  Then, create an opposition to the problem in our minds by instilling fear and anxiety in the public so we demand for a solution. While we are mentally confused, (emotional stress means judgment is impaired and suggestibility is heightened) they can offer us that solution, even when restrictions are placed on our individual rights. This makes it appear that we are now better off rather than being further confined or further taxed for more police. Time after time we allow our rights to be diminished without knowing its ramifications.  This will therefore bring about changes that would otherwise be impossible without premeditated psychological conditioning. The introduction of CCTV in London trains is just the next step of keeping an extra close watchful eye on us, not so much for “our safety” as they put it I’d imagine. Do you like knowing that you can be seen approximately 300 times a day in London? Still, the exact statistics related to public surveillance remain ever elusive…

The desire of controlling people is the absolute control of information. What you think can therefore be controlled by controlling information. Before we speak, they heard, and before we knew, they were setting it up for us. Practising conditioning of mind on the masses is not a legitimate function of government; it is rather the hallmark of tyranny. Telling us what we are and what we want means the obliteration of the self and the oppression of independent thought. Good government should know the objective of life and administer that accordingly. If they don’t know, they are incapable of offering a peaceful society and will deliberately and successfully, undermine the real meaning of life; the spiritual one. And when I say spiritual, I mean the fundamental basis of our existence; where life is meant for understanding and where real knowledge is the understanding of yourself and others. The meaning of life is to give life a meaning.  So where competition reigns supreme and when money and acquisition are delicately entwined to the one thing that we alldesire – our freedom, we will continue to walk over each other in hopes of feeling free. Our problems cannot be solved by material things yet the gnawing, unwholesome hunger for possession persuades us to perpetually work, fight, and compete in order to show off our liberty by what we own. Like a hopeless fancy, I yearn for utter freedom to ponder, create and enjoy life on a simplistic level. The answers however, it appears, lie outside the borders of my imagination.  Like a parched man endlessly pursuing a mirage on a desert horizon, our desperate hunt for the elusive idea of freedom will prevail, even though it doesn’t exist.