Divide and rule – that’s always been your mission,

If you aint targeting colour you’re targeting religion.

There’s people on the streets who are homeless and starvin.

Whilst you look down from your ivory towers whoffin champagne and laughing,

at the misfortune of others that was brought about by you,

by your greed, incompetence and immorality too.



The war on drugs is based on the myth that if you intervene with the produce and distribution of illegal narcotics, this will solve the issue. However, it is proven that not any substance in itself is addictive. Addiction has and always will remain in the susceptibility of the individual. We all know that not everyone will be addicted to cigarettes after smoking, not everyone becomes an alcoholic after a glass of wine nor will everyone become addicted to cocaine after using it. Their battle to ‘protect us’ from the harmful effects of illegal drugs now appears to me, to be more of a distraction from the very real issues that we are seeing in society right now.

The dictionary defines a drug as being “a chemical substance that affects the processes of the mind or body” which is obviously any chemical substance. Whereas addiction is defined as being “the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity”, which now broadens the picture a whole lot further. Therefore I’d find addiction as being ANY behaviour that is associated with cravings, temporary relief, long term negative consequences and the inability to gain control over it even if they wish to stop. So why then is somebody with a food addiction, for example, who is in the same state of mind, be regarded less harshly than someone who is addicted to anything else? It is obvious that it is not the state of being addicted that society frowns upon; you just have to be addicted to something that society deems as being acceptable. And this is not acceptable.

There are workaholics, people addicted to video games, coffee, exercise and food just to name a few. How many people do you know who are addicted to any one of these? So what’s the difference? Well one has been made to be illegal and nobody questions the real reasons why, whereas, the latter is endorsed and coincides with a sense of normalcy in society – despite the negative repercussions that they can have on us.

So what if I said there was an addiction to power? Those people who have power but need more and more and more, nothing is ever enough for them. What about the addiction to acquisition, where corporations must own more and more? Or indeed the global addiction to oil and the wealth, products and services that are made accessible from oil? Look at the dire effects that it is having on our environment. We all know that we’re destroying the very Earth that we inhabit, yet we need more just to feed our addiction.

Now these addictions are far more devastating than the social consequences of cocaine or heroin users, yet they’re rewarded and considered to be respectable. Tobacco smoke related illnesses kills five and a half million people every year, yet the highest grossing tobacco companies will receive the highest profit, will not face any legal consequences and are in fact seen as equally respectable across the board of other companies. Their addiction to profit is so great, that they are actually in denial about the impact that their activities have on us – which is typical for addicts.

It is disrespectable to be addicted to profit even if you disregard the costs. So it appears that what is acceptable and what is respectable is a highly subjective phenomenon in our societies. It seems that the greater the harm, the more respectable the addiction.

I believe that we are all addicted to something, whether it be beneficial or harmful, yet it is in our nature to satisfy our urges whatever they are – just some a more apparent, taboo and debilitating to ourselves and others. We should think twice about addiction because we have all been touched by it in one way or another. Just pay attention to what your habits are having on you and the ones around you, whatever it is, but you should still have the freedom in your life of choice. At the end of the day, we are still living in a world of heavy penalties for petty drug crimes; even though the ‘man in the suit’ is really to blame for assisting in the rapid decline of our planet and each other from wars and wealth. They’ve just built a society that has some damn good scapegoats that’s all…

“Power is an emptiness that gets filled from the outside, so let us not look to those in power to change things because those in power are the emptiest in the world… they’re never going to change unless we make them.”

*Pictures do not determine quality of life

Dear Britain,

Just a man walking to the shop. Got a hoodie on, you wouldn’t call me prim or prop. There’s another camera, up there on top, yeah it’s a little crazy how they’re always keeping watch.  Could’ve been a writer; nar, I chose to stay down with the same lads that I’d known since dawn, we always die in the class we were born. Big mistake, I try to run, but it still aint hard to buy a gun.  You got the money and I got the time, but I can do more than just building rhymes. Wonder why I’m rollin right? Late at night, seein the proof that the drugs don’t work on these warped up youths.  Words of a broken man, workin a hopeless plan, keep hopin it’ll work. Searching for value, it’s the happiness that hurts. We all say we had it the worst.  Go by watching as they rot coz they’re no big shot. God save the Queen, yeah I cherish every pound I got. Who runs this country, Cameron or Murdoch? Your Majesty give me heaven coz I’m afraid of the dark. Money can relieve the pain but you see it never does. Where bankers are earnin for burnin and lootin, endless delusion, corruption and confusion. The nervous are shooting. We’re better off giving in then trying to fight the system, that’s why your kids are loose, that’s why your children are missin, but the biggest looters are the British Museum. They keep watching us with eyes wide closed, punishing us for things that they can never possibly know. They don’t listen, no why would they care, they don’t live this, their lungs will never breathe from this real world air. Continue to stare, keep pretending like you care, but I’m not a fool, not a bit, not at all, not a kid, not a bit and at school, yeah I wasn’t shit. Burn your books, you can’t teach me this fate. No they’d never survive here, where nothing comes on dinner plates. I wouldn’t say it’s not a game where people idolize the fame. No I’m not trying real hard. For a yard, or for someone to max out my credit card. Keep telling us that happiness is free, for everyone but the likes of me. Yeah go make more things for the shelves, coz this stuff right here… we make for ourselves.

*inspired by British hip-hop and the real world – brought to you by a nobody.

The dependence we have on our Smartphones today is from their ability to house the majority of applications and programs that we use in our everyday lives. With the advancement in technology, our phones will only be taking on more responsibility to store and share our lives with one another. This new technological age is becoming a reality whether you like it or not, but with more iPhone’s being sold now than babies born, I believe there will be more who welcome this era than those who oppose it.

This short video captures the idea of using our streets for renewable energy, in this case, street lamps to charge our phones…

(video from Pensa)

Nothing matters, whether you like it, hate it, believe it or don’t’ want to believe it. The truth and the reality of it all is that everything you do is insignificant – yet we are relentless in doing it anyway.

Can you even picture nothing? Or nothingness? I picture a white space with no sound, taste, touch or any sense of anything altogether! But still then it is a white space isn’t it…

Why are we so fascinated with the idea of Nothing? When the Mona Lisa was stolen, more people had showed up to the Louvre to see the spot where she used to be!

We even have trouble defining it: saying it is something that is of nonexistence, the lack of being or no value. But even then, in order for there to be the sound of nothing for example, or the lack of sound; we need to have sound present. So Nothing in this way is the presence of no sound. Just like Zero is the presence of a space with no numbers.

Whether you’re religious, intelligent, have a sweet job or work for charity. The universe was here long before we were and will remain so long after we have ceased to exist. The lives you save today may vanish tomorrow or undeniably one day. The universe doesn’t notice our mundane undertakings, it is only mankind that are able to attach meaning to every little thing we can possible conceive.  The universe has always operated with no meaning and surely doesn’t need it to continue existing.

When the book jumped straight into the history and significance of Zero, I initially felt that I’d fall asleep. However, I have to say that there was much more importance with Nothing then I’d ever imagined.  There was a time that zero as a digit didn’t always exist and that the Catholic Church had fought it for 600 hundred years because the concept of nothing clashed so violently with The Bible!

So read it when you’ve got nothing to do,  but it doesn’t matter if you don’t…

  … a drop out, we know, he made that very clear numerous times. He took calligraphy classes, had a fascination with his hands, tried LSD, smoked weed and apparently was also a self-righteous narcissist. When your public profile grows, so do the rumours, the controversies, the law suits and the emphasis on the most mundane details about your life; that’s the rule, yep standard stuff.

But then I found a website on the “top 10 ugliest flaws of Steve Jobs” and it never ceases to amaze me as to the lengths people will go to try to validate themselves and justify their (more often than not) biased, misconstrued and juvenile opinions which are drawn entirely from their own personal perspectives. And the thing is these websites WILL have followers…

So according to this person’s ‘valuable’ opinion, Steve Jobs’ ‘ugly’ side consisted of an egocentric, perfectionist dictator (durr- CEO of a leading company) who was always right, (well, right about a lot of things) overconfident, (where’s the line for appropriate confidence levels?) secretive and reserved (oh no) had an over-argumentative character, (CEO remember) and unbelievably here it is: a “short-tempered-old-boy”.

Not to mention the fact that people can brutally tear into anyone they’re intimidated by or jealous of EVEN when they’re dying of cancer, and ruthlessly continue to do so even after they have indeed, died from cancer… nice one. Also makes you wonder if these people own a Mac, or an iPhone, or an iPod…?

The idea of personality defects in this context is irrelevant. And I know that people take this stuff light-heartedly but the issue is that people do believe it then pass it on. This leads to the same effect that occurs with the transfer of all knowledge and information, whether it’s accurate or not; ultimately leading to the porridge of mixed views, perceptions and beliefs that exist in our societies today.

Personality is best described as being like an onion; when you peel away the layers in search for a core, you will find nothing. We ARE the layers and are absolutely no more than the sum of a diverse array of components and parts which combine into what we call ‘ME’. Our so-called faults, qualities, strengths and weaknesses are only labels given to us by others, meaning that we are either as desirable or undesirable depending on the ones we choose to have around us.

So even if he was a cocky, quiet, tight-ass who I really doubt would believe he was ‘always right’, he did what he did and he did it well, regardless of what people thought or told him was right or better. Every part of his personality was what enabled him to create and dominate. So really the only thing that matters here is that Steve was the man who not only revolutionised computer technology globally, but did so by interlacing his products (let’s say the iPhone for example) delicately and artistically into our life style – ultimately creating not something we want, but something that we truly believe we need.


 Here, here mate..

TURN ON THE NEWS, listen to the radio, pick up the paper and you’ll ALWAYS be hit with the same old mind numbing SHITE.

First there are the accidents, the criminals, the law suits, the natural disasters, the celebrities and then the sport and weather just to boost your mood. Now you’ve got your daily dose of negativity to put your life nicely into perspective, our ‘leaders’ can continue to pretend to deal with the real issues that our very near future is facing.

GLOBAL WARMING, renewable energy and population growth are issues that still seem to be treated as something more of an urban myth than reality. Not to mention that they would definitely be subjects that would put most of us to sleep. Yet, they’re possibly hitting target with being the most controversially heated and somehow downplayed issues that are literally hitting humanity in the face.

Let’s face it, if you watch or read a small summary on these topics you’ll see that we’re spiralling out of control with the serious repercussions due to take place in our life time – it doesn’t take a scientist or a priest to see that, and yet each day goes on just like the last, with no drastic changes seen to be taking place on the horizon.

The issue is that the real, rapid, renewable solutions to global warming and population growth call for radical modifications that conflict directly with our economic systems and the way we go about our lives.

So in order for change, we have to change ourselves and ultimately our perception on humanity as a whole. And more often than not, it is our personal morals and values that confine us to see what happens only in the comfort of our own little ‘bubbles’. If everybody had the abiltity to just drop all the things that they wholeheartedly believe in and really take in what we can know from what we have been intelligent enough to discover; we would not only be unified, but we would overcome so much of the conflict that fundamentally guides our existence today.


We’re becoming more aware of it which is a start, but we’re also all quite content with our mediocre, egotistical lives as well. So if only the educated are aware of this on a global scale, and if only a fraction of them are interested in doing something about it, how many will actually be in the position to try and actually succeed?

The answer I believe is in a neutral, global alliance…. that seems to be the only option that we have in making any real positive changes in humanity. But what are the odds of a worldwide revolt taking place to make this happen? God knows, so if you’re religious pray for us, but as for me, I’d rather ‘put my money’ on the diverse variety of people that have actually found answers for and served the human race not those of which have aspired to control and inhibit it…


Just a little BANKSY to brighten your day..