I got Nothing to talk about

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Real World Shit
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Nothing matters, whether you like it, hate it, believe it or don’t’ want to believe it. The truth and the reality of it all is that everything you do is insignificant – yet we are relentless in doing it anyway.

Can you even picture nothing? Or nothingness? I picture a white space with no sound, taste, touch or any sense of anything altogether! But still then it is a white space isn’t it…

Why are we so fascinated with the idea of Nothing? When the Mona Lisa was stolen, more people had showed up to the Louvre to see the spot where she used to be!

We even have trouble defining it: saying it is something that is of nonexistence, the lack of being or no value. But even then, in order for there to be the sound of nothing for example, or the lack of sound; we need to have sound present. So Nothing in this way is the presence of no sound. Just like Zero is the presence of a space with no numbers.

Whether you’re religious, intelligent, have a sweet job or work for charity. The universe was here long before we were and will remain so long after we have ceased to exist. The lives you save today may vanish tomorrow or undeniably one day. The universe doesn’t notice our mundane undertakings, it is only mankind that are able to attach meaning to every little thing we can possible conceive.  The universe has always operated with no meaning and surely doesn’t need it to continue existing.

When the book jumped straight into the history and significance of Zero, I initially felt that I’d fall asleep. However, I have to say that there was much more importance with Nothing then I’d ever imagined.  There was a time that zero as a digit didn’t always exist and that the Catholic Church had fought it for 600 hundred years because the concept of nothing clashed so violently with The Bible!

So read it when you’ve got nothing to do,  but it doesn’t matter if you don’t…


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